Our Story

Toasted sesame oil has been a big part of Chef Esther’s life and career. When she started using Pot d’Huile olive oil (which she is a big fan of), she immediately thought - why not sesame oil? It is a major ingredient in Korean cooking and just a teaspoon or two of sesame oil adds a burst of distinctive toasty, nutty, roasted flavor to any recipe - hence why Koreans consider this ingredient to be a staple in everyday cooking. Sesame oil is versatile and fun, from marinades to vegetables to sauces, or even baking! This flavorful oil can add a richness that is incomparable to anything else. Sesame seeds contain more than 50% oil, and are one of the oldest foods made by humans, dating back thousands of years. 

Our story - Esther Choi


Pot d’Huile and Chef Esther started developing Sessy together for a few reasons:

- Chef’s love for sesame oil and her daily use of it in cooking for herself and her restaurants

- We noticed there is nothing else like it on the market - and you really can’t just substitute a recipe that calls for sesame oil with a different oil

- Our love and support for a growing trending industry related to food and wellness


Many people today are exploring or are fully committed to daily CBD consumption as part of their wellness regimen. Chef Esther has been using CBD for years and it has changed her life. Many consider CBD a superfood with a wide range of benefits. 


We hope you enjoy Sessy and it's benefits as much as we do.
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